Just as Alice went through the looking glass to a miraculous land, you have the keys to a new kingdom. You aren’t stuck with the same hair color or style you have now; be bold. Do blondes have more fun? You can find out. Need advice on getting that super short cut? We can help you decide which cut works best for you. Love those cute girls with green or blue hair but are too scared to take the plunge? We can hold your hand. Your hair too curly? We can straighten it out.¬†Hair too straight? We can give you tight curls, or soft flowing waves. Feeling the fire of an inner redhead? Let’s us help you release that Genie.

Our salon offers a full menu of hair care services by experts in the industry. Our prices vary by the experience of the professional you choose. Click here to see the menu, or select your preferred stylist below and see individual pricing.

Our Talent

  • Lacy - Advanced Hairstylist

Our Services

  • Lacy - Cut and Color